Monday, September 14, 2009

Other Awards Given on different occasions

2005 – December, a unique mega event “Shri Aswamedhayaagam” was taken as a platform to run Free medical camp; free distribution of food and literature etc.
Dec 2005: Bhagavan Veda Vyas Divya Vibhuti awards were given to Shri P V R K Prasad IAS(Retd), Shri P Venkateswarulu, and Shri K Nagendra Rao – a freedom fighter.
PERISEPALLI AWARD from Aanandaashramam was given to Miss Aruna Bhat – A blind and physically challenged with her challenging talents in Veena - for Excellency in Fine Arts
Aanandaashramam - PERISEPALLI KUTUMBA RAO Award for Excellent Spiritual support and help to the poor to Shri Harish Goyal of Ghaziabad in UP.
Aanandaashramam Award for Commitment to the Cause was given to Shri V Mohan Reddy former MLA and Dr V V K Mohan.
Aanandaashramam Award for Community Development was given to Shri K V Rajeswara Rao, Chairman, Zilla Parishad, and Karimnagar.
Shri Kesiraju Satyanaranayana Murthy – Aanandaashramam Award for DUTY MINDEDNESS was given to Shri Kandadai Srinivasachary – an eminent scholar.
Aanandaashramam Award for Excellency in Literary Activities was given to Dr Ananta Lakshmi – best commentator.
Aanandaashramam Award for best Social Work was given to Shri K Sreenivasa Rao.
Aanandaashramam Award for the best Team Work was given to Shri K P Garg, Faridabad.
Aanandaashramam Award for the best Public Interest Activities was given to Shri Tarun Juneja of Surat.
Aanandaashramam – Shri Raghavachary Award was given to the best Medical team work and support to the poor – to Dr N L N Sharma.
Aanandaashramam – Shri B V Rajaram Award for Excellency in Account Maintenance was given to Servomax Precious Industries Ltd.

2006 December – A NATIONAL MEGA EVENT OF INDIANS PRIDE was organized by AANANDAASHRAMAM in the name of Mahaa Kavi Kaalidaas. Gnana Ratna Award was presented to Shri Pullela Sri Rama Chandrudu on 8th December 2006 when the Hon‘ble Home Minister of AP Shri Jana Reddy Presided over the function.
Briefly about Dr P V Sesha Sai and Mrs. Padmavathy
Dr P V Sesha Sai was born in 1947 and marriage with Mrs. Padmavathy took place in 1972. He is a post graduate, a law graduate, a certificated associate of Indian Institute of Bankers, a certificated associate of United Nations International Understanding, a master of Philosophy from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and a Member of Alternative Medicines. He worked for Syndicate Bank for over 32 years and took voluntary retirement as Chief Officer during 2001 for retaining his other part of life for social welfare activities. He was titled as Adhyatmika Ratna by a Forum of Visakhapatnam and His master Jagadguru Sri Ganesananda Bharati titled him as “Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena” after noticing his interest for Scientific representation of Vedic order of life. His master’s encouragement helped him in completing 487 Yaagas Vedic rituals - successfully for the welfare of the Nation in general. Uniquely He performed an Exclusive Yagna and offered prayers to the Lord for the retention of the identity of his bank in 1995 when the identity of his parent bank was under threat.His articles were accepted by Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India for inclusion in the country’s eighth plan. His articles appeared in prominent news papers of the Country, on “Consumer Protection Forum and Tax Payers”, “Imported Plastic Raw Material”, “Peoples Representatives”, “Strategy to tap rural Savings”, “Consumer Awareness”, “Poll and Police”,“Electoral Reforms”, “Verdict of People”, “Cotton Crop”, “Temple Issue”, “Bank advances to Priority Sector”, “Facilities under HLAS”, “Tourism to Cover Balance of Payments”, “Wage Settlements”, “Customer Service in Banks”, “Improper map of India” etc. and a hundred and plus articles on local area problems are a few examples of his interest to build up a new society beyond complexities. His interest to create a universal atmosphere for peaceful coexistence is shown in “Common Universally acceptable paper currency” which was accepted by the University of Economic Sciences, Berlin in 1985. The World Economists Forum invited him to present the paper for Universal Cause. The Contents of the Paper are presumably the resultant outcome of present Euro Currency. “The Reforms I expect in India – The next generation” is yet another book written by him paying attention on different issues of public interest. Hundreds of books and papers written by him and published are all given free of cost by him since as a matter of principle he never intended to sell his books, neither he showed any interest for a reward or remuneration. The news magazine in the name of “Suryakshetra” and “Dr Sesha Sai’s Believe it or not” is under circulation for the past twenty five years and enjoyed by a few hundreds at least every month.