Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some other honors

In fact there are a few hundreds

of honors personally given by me at my cost to different personalities in different regions and places. Most of them could not be procured for placing them in this blog. However I am trying from different sources and I believe I will succeed in placing all such material in these blogs in due course of time.

Taramati Premavathi - Hyderabad Excellencies

Dr Radhasri wrote a book on Taramati-Premavathi which was released in a function at the end of an Yaagam in 2002. He is capable of reciting 10000 poetry on any subject at any point of time continuously without referring to any text or book. He challenges the audiance to give any topic basing on which he delivers poetry that suits the occasion. Any old text of any author may be questioned and he answers the same spontaneously. Therefore our Guruji considered as a Man of Excellent memory power and thus he was titled as "Dharana Vachaspati".

Hundred of awards so far

I noticed that the Government has many constraints to identify valuable services of individuals. Therefore I desired to supplement the efforts of the Government and as such Noticed several talented without being honored in different fields. I stated arranging meetings to honor a few of such and the platform like Shri Aswamedhayaagam was quite wonderful which helped me to honor atleast one hundred talented in different fields.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Shri Kappagantu Shri Jwala Subrahmanya Yajwa - Chayanulu Garu

11.5.1991 - surely a memorable day when Shri Kappagantu Jwala Shri Venkata Subrahmanya Yajwa - popularly known as Chayanulu garu was honored and it was a honor for all of us.
Shri Chayanulu Garu was born in a Srotreeya Agraharam in Krishna District and finally settled in Sayapuram near Mantada of Krishna District. To the best of my knowledge he performed Chayanam - one of the top most hindu spiritual ritual for which only a select few becomes eligible, in 1950s. It was a great fete. I was taken to him by Late Shri Kuppa Balaramaiahgaru and ever since that time, I maintained my relationship with Shri Chayanulugaru. He taught me many secrets of Havan and to my surprise he laid a foundation stone for the HISTORICAL ASWAMEDHAYAAGAM which took place in December 2005 at Hyderabad, way back in 1980s. He was repeatedly asking me to note down the secrets and said that these secrets would work out on some future day. Factually it came true at the later years. He was performing Histhi - offering of Holy items to Please Lords on every full moon day. He happen to be a Nitya Agnihotri - daily worshipper of Fire, and he never touched food or water in any one houses other than that of his and fortunately me. He studied all the four vedas and he was considered as a vedic expert in those days. Even today if I visit any Vedic Session and declare that I was the disciple of Shri Chayanulugaru, members present in the session would stand up in token respect to Shri Chayanulugaru. A simple personality with a very minimum needs and to my surprise he used to wear a small cloth on his body. I am fortunate he performed Upanayanam - a vedic ritual needed for a brahmin boy, to my son for four days in 1990.
Words are insufficient to write on his personality and his dedication to duty. He was honored by us at the end of a 8 day long Shri Yaagam.


21.2.1989 an astavadhanam program was arranged by me to honor Dr Palaparthi Shyamalaananda Prasad. His talent was that he answers eight persons at a time and memorizes what he answered and repeats the answer at the end of the program. This is surely a memory test and also a talent test. His answers should suit the poetic rythm and it is not a essay type answer.

Shri Narumanchi Radha Krishna Murthy

It was 26th July 1992. Shri Narumanchi Radha Krishna Murthy - aged around 60 plus by 1992. He dedicated his life for Upasana and Astrology and he was giving astrological guidance to a number of persons. His services were not recognized by any agency nor by the Government. Under the circumstances, with the blessings of my Holy Guruji I decided to honor him on the completion of 8 day long Yaagam meant for world peace and prosperity. My friend Shri Udaya Bhasker Kumar wrote five poems on the life of Shri Radha Krishna Murthy popularly called as "Pancharatnaas" and this was presented in a public function specially arranged for this purpose by me at my cost.