Monday, October 19, 2015

Honoring of Shri Vellanki Sreenivasa Sarma

Late Shri Kesiraju Satyanarayana Murthy worked as Andhra Pradesh State Cotton Specialist and retired around 1968 or so.  He is well known for his honesty and sincerity. Remembering him on the eve of 10th year of Historical Shri Aswamedhayaagam (2005-2015) an award in the name of Shri Kesiraju Satyanarayana Murthy was presented to Shri Vellanki Sreenivasa Sarma- a committed spiritual leader who is a guide for many and a great philosopher.   On account of his age and health, he could not move out of his home, as such the award presentation was done in his house.  Photographs relate to it.  Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dr Appaji - a dedicated dentist in the service to the poor is honored

Others Who are honored during the Award Presentation Function

Local TRS leaders Honored

TRS party is the ruling party for the state.  We are proud that local leaders from TRS are also present and we are fortunate to honor them with Awards.  Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

State President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Shri Ramraju is honored

Sri Ramraju, State President for VHP addressing the media on the eve of the Award presentation function. Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji 

Honoring Shri Palem Manohar Sharma - a spiritual leader

Shri Palem Manohar Sharma is one of the dedicated spiritual leader with good following.  He has been honored with the prestigious award of Shri Jwala Kappagantu Venkata Subrahmanya Yajwa who performed the most sacred vedic Havan in the name of Chayanam during 1956 and a scholar of four Vedas. Shri Kasbha Sreenivasa Rao son of Late Shri K Nagender Rao who happen to be a freedom fighter and a very honest political leader crowned Shri Manohar Sharma.  Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

Honoring Dr Laxman Local MLA from BJP Party

Dr Laxman is the local MLA from BJP party and a senior most leader who has been striving for the betterment of the constitution.  He is a committed worker and a good leader.  Shri Ramraju, President of State Vishwa Hindu Parishad is also seen in the photograph.  Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji